Yumigo! was created by runner Ben Hockings to promote physical activity and the diversity of the South Australian landscape. Yumigo! (you-me-go!) is a pidgin English word used to inspire action to “do something together”.

Ben believes the best way to encourage people to exercise is to make the activity inspiring. The decision to run is normally motivated by a “bigger picture” goal. Ben and Yumigo! provide that goal, and can even offer to set a plan to reach that goal. All Yumigo events are selected with scenery and running enjoyment in mind, we believe our events showcase some of the best runs, through some of the most scenic locations, in South Australia.

Runners, trail runners in particular, and the events they participate in normally pride themselves on how their activity is a way to improve their fitness with minimal impact on the environment. At Yumigo! we strive to do the same thing, to encourage each of our followers and racers to essentially leave behind only their footprints as they experience the wonderous nature of wherever it is that they may be running.


Meet the head honcho and coach, Ben Hockings. Aside from being a lifelong runner, Ben has a Level 2 “Club Coach” coaching qualification through Athletics Australia. Ben focuses on coaching athletes of all experience to perform well in endurance or ultra events.

Ben’s training programs aim to provide a focused and consistent approach to your training, and he encourages feedback in all areas of your progress to develop a routine that works for you. Each training program is tailored with the intention of giving you the best opportunity to achieve your specific goals.

The training program is;

  • Individually designed
  • Tailored to your lifestyle, needs and goals
  • Structured to your
    fitness level
  • Presented to you in four week time blocks

All training programs include detailed information about each session such as distance, time, pace, effort required and other relevant instructions.

Ben works on a minimum of 12 weeks focused training programming for endurance events/goals as this is the time required for maximum benefit.

Each 12 weeks is priced at AUD225.00, with discounts for 6/12 month contracts.

If it’s one-on-one coaching you are after Ben can meet with you on a regular basis to put you through tailored sessions, covering off on everything from interval sessions to hill repeats.

Sessions are AUD35.00/hr, with discounts for groups of two or more people.

For further enquiries contact Ben.


Steph Gaskell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Steph is a competitive ultra trail marathon runner. She has furthered her sports dietetic qualifications by graduating from
International Olympic Committee Diploma (IOC) in Sports Nutrition in
2012 and is a level 2 ISAK qualified anthropometrist (qualification allowing body composition assessments in individuals to be made).

Steph has developed a sports nutrition resource for sports dietitians and athletes, written in sports magazines including Runner’s World and Men’s Fitness and been an invited speaker at sports dietitians and dietitian conferences.

Steph Gaskell knows what nutrition you should be fuelling your body with for your sport, with a special interest in endurance sports such as running, marathon running, ultra trail running, triathlon (including Ironman), cycling, adventure sports and more. She has many years experience in sports nutrition and in gastrointestinal nutrition including irritable bowel syndrome and coeliac disease. So don’t hesitate, make an appointment with Steph and see how amazing a race can feel! More importantly how your performance can improve!

For all that Stephanie has to offer, please visit http://www.nutritionstrategies.com.au/about-us/

Mention that you found her through the Yumigo! website and she will also apply a discount to her services for you.