Event Training Plans

This is for anyone who is aiming for one or more races in the near future (ideally more than 12 weeks away). Your individually-tailored plan is emailed every four weeks, with all the information needed contained within. Ben and/or his coaches are always contactable to offer extra assistance.
12 weeks: AUD225.00
6 months: AUD400.00
12 months AUD700.00

One-on-One and Group Sessions

These sessions are generally used to work on the trainee’s speed and strength and if the trainee would like some live feedback on their running.
AUD35/single person/session
up to 60 minutes.
AUD25 per additional hour (or part thereof)

AUD20/group session (min. 3 people)
per person up to 60 minutes.
AUD15/person per additional hour (or part thereof)

Sessions are available Mondays before 8.00am, or Fridays between 10.00am and 2.00pm at the Cumberland Park Football ovals, Clarence Gardens.

If you have any further enquiries please contact Ben to discuss further details.

Back to Basics

Nutrition Strategies provides a professional dietary and nutrition consulting service aimed to helping you achieve your nutrition, health and performance goals.

If for sport, see how your sport performance can improve. If you are aiming
for body composition or weight loss goals, see how these goals can be met! If you experience irritable bowel syndrome or stomach upsets, see how your symptoms can improve.

Body Composition and Weight Loss Nutrition Packages

Our body composition and weight loss nutrition packages provide a cost effective way to address your needs at a fixed cost.

Stephanie will work with you during a number of one-on-one consultations
to create and maintain a personal nutrition plan.

If you are currently unable to commit to a package, then you may prefer to start with one of the initial consult options.

Sports Nutrition Packages

A one-on-one sports Nutrition consult with Stephanie will help you take control of your nutrition and exceed your sporting and endurance goals.

This may include a race nutrition plan, carbohydrate loading, recovery etc.

For further information on all of the above, please visit

Rebates are available through private health insurance depending on your health insurance and level of cover.

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