Stephanie Gaskell
August 25, 2016

Toby Hughes

How long have you been running for?

Ran a bit during my footballing days, and then for fitness after I stopped playing.  I got serious about trails/distance in July 2013, running my first marathon (Adelaide) in August, first Yurrebilla 56 in September, and first Heysen 105 in October – a baptism of fire, you might say!

What is your current goal?

Current goals include a sub-6.30 for Yurrebilla and partnering Bridget Brown in her first attempt at 100 kms in the Heysen 105.

Do you have a favourite event?  

Hard to say, they are all good, but if pressed probably the Yumigo Summer Trail Series…I like running in the heat!

Favourite part of Adelaide to run?

I love the section from the stone chimney at the bottom of the freeway across to the Burnside trails – great views of Adelaide. Bridget and I also have a favourite run that we do mid-week (it’s a secret 😉 ). The masochist in me enjoys running intervals at Park 10 on a Friday morning!

Best advice to give to a new runner?

If you want to improve your distance running, don’t neglect the short, fast, loud stuff…interval trainings on Friday mornings are one of the best ways I have found to improve my ultra- times.