Starting January 3, a weekly trail group skills session will be offered on Wednesday evenings.

These runs will be based at Chambers Gully, Cleland Wildlife Park (accessed via Waterfall Gully Road) starting at 6.30pm.

The sessions will focus on various types of skills necessary to improve a runner’s physical and mental game when running trail events. Or even just for general confidence building! Skills taught will include uphill and downhill running, learning to run “tempo” on trails, and just generally learning to embrace running faster and better on trails.

Sessions are $10pp/week, and can be made by electronic transfer.

The trail sessions will run for as long as daytime hours in the summer months allow. When the evenings get too dark for running on trails, the group sessions will move to an oval (location TBA) for a winter season focusing on learning how to build speed into your program, as well as how to run various speed sessions.

We encourage anyone and everyone to come out, however due to our commitment to bringing quality learning, numbers will be limited to 15 on Wednesday evenings.

To pre-register – or if you have any questions – please email Ben.